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Toyota tire warranty, what does it really cover?

This is a discussion on Toyota tire warranty, what does it really cover? within the Wheels, Tires and Brakes forums, Tweet Today I purchased my first Tundra 2008 dbl cab 4.7, slate metallic. Beautiful vehicle however I also purchased the ...

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    Question Toyota tire warranty, what does it really cover?

    Today I purchased my first Tundra 2008 dbl cab 4.7, slate metallic. Beautiful vehicle however I also purchased the extended warranty, partly because the finance person told me the warranty covered the tires for everything except vandalism. But later when reading the pamphlets given to me they all say it does not cover "road hazard" ie, punctures and blow outs. Am I missing something?

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    Welcome to the forum New Tundra Guy. Lots of good info and people here, so stick around and read up!

    Sorry to hear you are having tire problems.
    If it's a puncture you're dealing with, I think you are out of luck. If its a blow out, you might want to inspect the tire to see why it blew out. I understand there have been some complaints filed about the Bridgestone Dueler's filed at the NHTSA. If that's your tire, you may have something to discuss with you're service manager.
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    I don't think the Toyota warranty or extended warranty covers the tires. Here, they offer a separate tire policy for tire road hazard.

    The finance guys and the dealerships make a lot of money off extended warranty sales. You have I think 20 days from when the paperwork arrives to cancel it without a penalty. What the finance guy might not tell you, is that you can buy the extended warranty anytime during the 3/36 warranty to buy it. But you can roll it into your payments if you buy it that day so that is the only advantage. You can buy it from any dealer. There is a dealer named Troy Dietrich who is selling them at a really good price. I think it was like $980 for a 7/100K on a 4x4 CM. His info is posted around here if you want to contact him. People can also use his quote to get it cheaper from their dealer, though most (like my dealer) wouldn't match the price cause it was so low.
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    I just got a quote from Troy for my new DC for $990. I think the dealer was wanting $1300ish so he does have good prices. I agree with Tox, cancel your warranty when the contract arrives and contact Troy.
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    Dont waste money on the dealers road hazzard warranty. they allow you 140.00 per tire for replacement but they jack up the retail price of the tire that much so you get nothing. I took my 07 tundra in with a puncture in a tire with 3k miles on it and the dealer said it was too close to the sidewall and could not be repaired so they would give me 140.00 towards a new tire. Then they said the new tire was 295.00 and with the road hazzard discound it would only cost 155.00. While they were bringing my tire back I called Discount Tire and ask what that exact tire would cost and it was 155.00 exactly. So the dealer was screwing me and I left with the spare still on the ground. I took the flat to Discount Tire and they fixed it FREE and said it was not a sidewall puncture and the tire was safe! The punctire was in the second tread groove from the edge of the tire. I have been driving on that tire now for 3 months with no problems at all. So for 900.00 I got wheels i dont like and a tire warranty that is a joke!!!!

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